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Vision Statement

To create a national learning environment and support teaching and healthcare learning opportunities for those who serve the underserved in an effective, efficient, cohesive and powerful way.  To build internal capacity to provide teaching and eventually grow to provide healthcare and teaching simultaneously to those who need it most.  We want to be known as the premier place to impact the hearts and minds AND outcomes of all of those who provide healthcare in the US & we have every intention of making public health the jewel in the crown of American medicine. 


Our Board Members
Melissa Ann Stratman

President, Treasurer and Board Chair


Melissa is the Non-profit founder and the president of the Institute. She has previously worked in a hospital setting as a Spanish Interpreter and setting up a cultural diversity department, she worked at a Community Health Center and is passionate about making health care work for patients and staff. Melissa is also the CEO and owner of Coleman Associates a boutique healthcare consulting firm. 

Dr. Ron Yee, M.D., M.B.A., FAAFP.  

Board Member

Ron Yee serves as the CMO for NACHC - the National Association of Community Health Centers. Ron led a very successful redesign effort at his community health center in Parlier, CA where he became an expert at team-based care and serving as a catalyst for change. Ron brings not only his integrity, but also years of change experience, years of experience in clinical practice management as well as business and clinical experience and national exposure to improvement work.

Dr. Paula Zegob-Hartmann

Vice President


Dr. Paula Zegob-Hartmann worked in a community health center for almost ten years. Born and raised in the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado, Paula has always had a heart for the underserved. To this board Dr. Zegob brings clinical judgment, process improvement experience and a lifelong passion for the underserved.

Jeff Olivet, MA

Board Member


Jeff is a national leader on homelessness, poverty, affordable housing, behavioral health, public health, and HIV. He has been a street outreach worker, case manager, housing director, coalition builder, writer, teacher, and activist. Jeff was involved in process redesign when he worked at Healthcare for the Homeless in Albuquerque, NM. Jeff brings a front-line experience for process improvement along with a deep-rooted volunteer spirit and hands-on experience in growing and running organizations. Jeff is currently the CEO and President for the Center for Social Innovation in Boston, MA: 

Dr. Karin Susskind

Secretary / Communications Director


Dr. Susskind brings experienced clinical judgment as well as a deep connectedness to social communities and the understanding of how these communities support the health and well being of every person accessing healthcare.  

Satish Gupta, MS

Board Member

Satish was born and raised in India. Upon coming to the states, he began a successful company making custom cabintry. His education and success have allowed him to do one of the things he feels most passionate about:supporting education in India. Satish provides wisdom and advice on business development serving unreached communities and a connection to the academic world, an important component of future health care changes.

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